The Devine BY drew clark


As I entered the theater I felt as if i traveled back in time. I sat in the front middle of the theater so i think that i got a pretty good view. when the lights dimmed and the audience i felt excited to watch the play. I think that the size of the auditorium fit the play well not a lot of people showed up to the play.

I attended the play with my roommates, Marco and Dakota. I think that attending the play with friends helped me because they helped explain the end of the play because it confused me.


This play helped me recognize that the "bad guy" isn't always the bad guy but instead he is a victim. I had little knowledge of the subject matter of the play before i attended it. The play Brought to my attention the horrors of child labor.


The Divine offers us an opportunity for katharsis by allowing us to look back in history and seeing the true horrors and consequences of child labor and how much influence the church used to have over society and making sure that these issues do not rise again.

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