Designs By PJ

Product design and development is a passion. Taking an idea and turning it into a prototype you can hold, use, explore, redesign and make it so much more than you could have thought is something I thrive in. I have worked on helping others see their ideas come to life as well as creating my own designs and products.

Below are some examples of my work in both design and prototyping.

My name is PJ and I look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life.


The Coffee Perk was designed with the idea of making quality coffee in a larger quantity while camping or backpacking at higher altitudes where water boils at a lower temperature

This prototype was 3D printed using a high temperature resistant Raptor Series PLA

The Belt Clip Fly Rod Hanger

Designed to be an inexpensive and functional option to what is currently on the market. An easy to use design that will free up a hand while on the river re-tying a rig or unhooking a fish

The prototype was printed using PLA filament

The best way to prototype a product quickly is by 3D printing. I have an understanding on how to design for 3D printing as well as other methods of prototyping.

3D printed game pieces for a board game I created
3D printed fly fishing reel (not an original design)

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