Life is Good Cassidy Mandelbaum

Medium of the Art

Nancy Graves II-06-94: Bronze with Patina and Glass

I love mixed media art of all kinds and blown glass happens to be another favorite. This piece was particularly striking because of the combination of metal and glass and the delicacy of the pieces. Also noteworthy, this artist works in a lot of different mediums.

Design of the Museum

Harn's Asian Rock Garden

Through the back doors of the Asian Art Gallery was a hallway to the Rock Garden. I thought it was a really nice addition to the water garden on the opposite side of the gallery. It was very peaceful, pretty and well maintained.

Art and Values

Tiffany Eighteen Light-Pond Lilly Lamp - bronze and glass.

While this is likely not the purpose behind the beautiful lamp, I found my value of intellectual growth in looking at it. The many lamps represent many forms and sources of information lighting the way and lighting up my world with knowledge, a multifaceted and multidimensional education. The Lily base they are set on was representative of growth to me, as lilies are not only an organic symbol, but a fast growing plant.

Art and the Good Life

Bertram Hartman - City Blocks, Oil on Board

In Good Life we discuss how society is affected by our environment and how it affects us. The artist here tries to depict cities as canyon-like and wild as the parks of the west. Could this be a call to see the world outside the city, showing similarities as a way to promote the world beyond? A call for balance between the known and unknown, for growth and adventure, to see the world beyond. Or perhaps the towering buildings are created to look even more fantastic in the booming of the roaring 20's unbeknownst what is around the corner. The built environment around us impacts us in ways we often do not even consider.


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