5 Eire

A bilingual country !

  • If you go to Ireland, you will be surprised by strange names on roadsigns ! Everywhere in the Republic of Ireland, names of villages and towns are in two languages on roadsigns. There is English of course, but also Gaelic.
  • Irish Gaelic is very similar to the language in Wales (Welsh) or in Britanny (Breton). The Gaelic languages are ancient languages people spoke in Europe before the Romans !
  • Irish Gaelic is compulsory for Irish children at school. Many people in the west of Ireland speak Gaelic in everyday life.

The Great Famine (1845 to 1848)

  • Irish people have a monument in Dublin to commemorate the Great Famine. It was between 1845 and 1848.
  • There was much rain and potatoes didn't grow correctly: they rotted. People could not eat them and they died because they had nothing to eat.
  • Many Irish people emigrated to the USA. Today in the USA, a lot of Americans are descendants of Irish immigrants. Boston is the largest Irish city outside Ireland !

The Partition (1921)

Ireland was part of England for many centuries. In 1921, England decided to leave Ireland: it was the "Partition". But England kept one small part of Ireland: Northern Ireland.

The Guinness Museum , Dublin

  • It is Ireland's most famous drink: Guinness. This beer is unique because of its black colour.
  • In Ireland, people drink Guinness beer of course, but they also cook with it !
  • Would you like to visit the Guinness museum in Dublin ?

The Titanic Museum, Belfast

  • Did you know the most famous ship in the world "was born" in Belfast ? The Titanic was built in Belfast. It went under water between Europe and New York in April, 1912 during its maiden voyage (= its first voyage). An iceberg hit the boat in the night and it sank. Rich and poor people died.
  • In Belfast, a new museum opened to show everything about the Titanic.
The Titanic is 3800 m under the Atlantic.

Have you got some blarney ?

  • The Irish are famous the world over for their blarney. To have some blarney is to be a very good speaker.
  • In Blarney castle, you can kiss the stone and this is supposed to make you a brilliant speaker !
  • Why Blarney ? Because a long time ago, the local lord spoke for a long time to defend the Irish people against the English ( England dominated Ireland).

Saint Patrick' s Day in the USA !

  • In the USA, many people have family in Ireland (because of the famine).
  • On Saint Patrick's Day, everybody dresses up in orange and green to celebrate the day !
  • In Chicago, the river is tainted green !

Ireland ....

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