My Story By: Isaac Schultz

Zoe was walking through a forest having a wonderful sunny day until the king’s guards came and captured him. Zoe struggled to free himself but it was useless unless he could reach his Shuriken. One of the Spetsnaz guards yelled, “For justice!” After struggling for a while Zoe finally found himself in a situation that he thought he would never find himself in. “You nut headed guards can’t go any faster!” Zoe said. “Shut up you ungrateful fool!” Said one of the guards in an angry tone. One of the guards pulled a knockout pill out of his pocket and gave it to the guard that was carrying Zoe. “What is it?” Asked the guard. “A pill for our most favorite prisoner. The guard with the pill quickly forced open Zoes mouth, but Zoe bit down hard on the guards fingers. “You stupid kid!”,said the guard. Zoe realized he was captured and he was not going to escape. Zoe thought this could be the end he started to think of his father Zach and of home. Zoe thought about the dirt hut he lived in with his father Zach, he was only 16 years old at the time. They were poor but happy. Zoe thought about the wonderful life he had, he remembered when his dad Zach was out fishing and tipped the boat over! “Zoe giggled a bit.”

Soon the guards and the prisoner approached the Ruinling Palace. Zoe didn’t think it was the best name for a palace, maybe anything without “Ruin”. The palace gates soon opened as Zoe and the guards got closer. “Gee. The person that built this must have a bad taste in art,” said Zoe. The guards ignored Zoe. Zoe has seen the ruler here before and he doesn’t remember having a pleasant time with him either. “Bow as the king approaches,” said one of the king's ministers, The king “Elmset The 3rd” elegantly walked down the steps and approached the guards, “What is this you have brought me!” “Your majesty, we have brought you the boy.” The king looked at the guard with a suspicious face. “Where did you find it?” “Along the edge of Whelmsbarrow road.” “Hmm. Didn’t think he’d be that easy to find.” “Bring him inside we will give him what he deserves,” said the king

The king and the ministers hurried inside with Zoe still bound by ropes. “They found him, they found him!” Everyone inside was cheering with excitement. Except for the king, he was sitting in his beaten up throne in a disgusted and angry way. Zoe wasn’t ready for what was about to happen. “As your king, Elmset the 3rd, I announce this prisoner be beheaded. Zoe had a shocked look on his face because he didn’t know the king would be that angry at him for stealing the king’s golden necklace with a purple gem. People say the item was worth more than 10,000 gold pieces. Zoe thought he could make a better life for himself and his father. Zoe knew that if he was caught stealing the king's most priceless jewel it could cost him his head. His worst fear just became reality. The king’s servants brought out a guillotine and placed it in the center of the main hall. “Please clean up the mess after you’re done here,” said the king. The guards slowly walked Zoe to the guillotine. Zoe wasn’t expecting anyone to save him except for himself. As the guards pulled Zoe closer to the guillotine Zoe’s shuriken slid out if his threaded pocket on his pant leg and hit the floor softly. Zoe tried to grab the shuriken but his hands were bound. As Zoe was being tied up behind the deathening guillotine, a group of peculiar men in black suits were sitting in the 5th row of the palace hall.

The men looked very familiar to Zoe. Zoe thought to himself… It was the Wensen Group of the Black Suits. Little is known about the Black Suits but it is said they carry out the Emperor’s secret orders. Zoe finally felt an idea coming to him. Zoe knew that the guards were not allowed to speak during very important events, Zoe with all his might quickly kicked his feet into one of the guards legs, the guard stuttered in pain and looked at the guard wasn’t allowed to talk when a very important event was about to happen. Zoe kicked the guard’s knee with all his might, Zoe kept kicking the guards knee with amazing force, the guard finally yelled out “OWWWW!” he quickly covered his mouth with his hands. The king’s ministers quickly headed over to the plum faced guard. While the ministers were talking to the guard Zoe wiggled himself out of the guillotine but couldn't free himself of the ropes.

“What did you say?”

“Your majesty, this is a mistake, you see.”

“Don’t talk, remember if you talk you are banished from this palace forever.”

“Your majesty, the prisoner kept kicking me in the knee, it’s the prisoners fault.”

“Wow, you little baby you want me to give you a hug.”

All of a sudden a Black Suit moves through the shadows of the hall to the guillotine. Zoe quickly saw the face under the black hat, it was Zoes father. Zoe hadn't had time to think about his father. Zoe thought this made no sense, usually he was out hunting or fishing, well that's at least what he told Zoe. As Zach was moving towards Zoe from the shadows he was spotted by one of the ministers. It appeared to Zoe that Zach wanted to be spotted. Apparently Zoe didn't know everything about his father.

“No! Don't touch him.” said Zoe.

“Why. Do you know this person?” Said Elmset the 3rd.

“Shhh. Don't say anything I have a plan.”said Zach. Zach was getting tied up from feet to head. Zach whispered to Zoe

“Everything will be alright Zoe.”

“Hmmm, if you like that black suited man over there so much how about we execute him first.”

Zoe didn't know what to do he was in such shock that his father had been a Black Suit for this long without telling him. Zoe was dropped to the ground by the guards. A pair of ministers arrived with Zach clenched by ropes so he couldn't move. “NO! NO! NO!” Zoe yelled out. Zoe quickly looked for the shuriken, it was laying over by the king's feet glimmering in the bright light of the window. While Zach was being placed in the guillotine Zoe slipped through the sight of the other guards until he came across the shuriken. He was running out of time, Zach was already head down under the guillotine saying prays to himself with his eyes closed. Zoe reached for the shuriken but was quickly stopped by a black boot. It was the king. The king put his boot on Zoes hand. The king must have weighed 300 pounds because Zoe felt a throbbing pain throughout his body or maybe that was just the fear of his father, a Black Suit getting executed. “Drop the blade,” said the King. “NOOOOO,” cried Zoe, as a swift kick from the king knocked him out.

Zoe woke in the Ruinling dungeons still as a rock thinking of nothing but his father. Zoe has given up, now he has nothing except for dead corpses around him. Every once in awhile he heard a door open hoping it was his turn to face the guillotine. Zoe was picking at his disgusting prison food when the king approached in handcuffs. Zoe quickly raised a rock with his left hand. “You're probably wondering why he’s here in handcuffs,” said the commander of the guards in a rocky tone. “The man that was executed was the owner of three states Mondueling, Ovascer, and Whelmsbarrow ST. and the son of the emperor. The emperor has been notified of your father’s beheading. “So what will happen to Elmset?” “He will most likely be executed in the emperor's words but he gave his choice to you, so what will it be?”

“Send that fool of a king to his grave!”

“Ok, let me find you some actual clothes.” Zoe was then escorted out of the room to where the king’s room was. “Ok get on some clothes and knock on my door when your done, my room is down the hall to the right.” The door closed and Zoe undressed out of his prison clothes and found a fresh pair of black robes. When Zoe was pulling his sleeves down he noticed a shiny light coming from the king’s dresser, Zoe moved closer to the bright light, he then realized what it was, it was a golden necklace and a note from the emperor, it said, “Dear King Elmset The 3rd,the Black Suits and myself have noticed suspicious activity from you and your ministers. It has come to my attention that you have stole my most priceless jewel, my necklace and for this you’ll be punished. I am sending a group of Black Suits to find you and make you pay your debts, from your dearest emperor, Linch. THE END

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