Nile river Fun facts from fact monster

The Nile River is in Africa and is shared by 11 countries.

This boy is sailing on the Nile River

The Nile is 4132 miles long.

Nile River

This is a Glide Show of the Nile River and the countries that surround it.

Created as an example of what a teacher might do on a page to collate classroom information from a research project.

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Laura Zarsky


Created with images by cocoparisienne - "nile egypt river" • jackmac34 - "egypt nile river" • David Berkowitz - "Laundry in Nile River - Egypt" • NadineDoerle - "felucca boat nile" • auntmasako - "egypt aswan abu simbel" • pepa74 - "nile river egypt" • Eric Hossinger - "Nile sunset and cruise boat" • Ermeton - "egypt nile river" • Jorge Lascar - "The Nile river" • David Berkowitz - "Nile River" • Brett_Hondow - "mosquito insect winged insect" • David Berkowitz - "Nile River"

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