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Independent Energy Procurement. Proving a source of expertise to ensure the success of your energy management plan.

A team dedicated to managing your energy needs and lowering your costs.

Providing valuable insight into current and future market conditions.

  • Energy Consulting
  • Energy procurement, including buying, selling, and transporting
  • Energy investment

Palmer Energy coordinates with its supplier pool on our customers' behalf to secure natural gas hedges in the marketplace that protect against the potential for adverse market volatility.

A hedge entails a financial strategy in which a future price is secured at a specified volume of a customer's future gas usage in so that the specified volume of gas that was hedged will be delivered at the secured hedge price regardless of future market conditions or pricing movements.

Since the U.S. natural gas baseline price is determined on a month-to-month basis at the New York Mercantile Exchange Market ("NYMEX") futures market, natural gas hedge prices & volumes are also secured on a monthly basis.

Palmer's layered hedging program provides customers with future budget stability, pricing certainty, and a manner in which to control your costs in what has been a historically unpredictable commodities market.

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