Learning Objective #3


The reason that I love quizlet is that I can make my own set of flash cards or see what other people have made and study from what they have made it allows me to cover more ground metaphorically. Quizlet is awesome because I can have the app on my phone and access it from my laptop as well the reason that quizlet is my favorite form of studying is I can sit down at my laptop and make all the flash cards and then instead of carrying around a giant stack of flash cards every day with me I can just pull them up on my phone. I used the quilzet app before my biology test recently and it greatly improved my grade I made and 89 on the test thanks to the ability to study whenever I wanted to and at any time because I could just pullout my phone between classes or I could go over them right before bed it was a great tool!

Re writing notes

I like to re write my notes after a class because it helps me to retain the information that I learned in that class I employed this technique before my second biology test and it didn’t work out to well for me honestly I failed the test but I feel like when I combine this technique with other techniques it helps me to get better grades on things. Re writing my notes also allows me to see what I am missing in class or what I need to review more in class because sometimes when I am in class I have the tendency to just focus on what the professor is saying and so ill only write what the professor is saying but when I go back and look at the power points it allows me to improve what is being said and what is happing in the class. Basically what this technique does is help me put together the missing pieces that I have left till I master the material.

Mastering biology practice tests

One thing that greatly helped me on my last biology quiz was the mastering biology practice tests that are available on the mastering biology website these tests were a tremendous help in allowing me the opportunity to take these tests as many times as I needed to better understand the material that I was learning. Being able to constantly go over the questions and learn from my mistakes that I was making on the practice tests allowed me to correct my errors until I made a 100 on all of the practice test and I feel like without these practice tests I feel like I would have failed the quizzes that I need to take before my last biology test and then I would not have gotten the extra credit for the test.

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