My Favorites BY: DYLAN vitiello

converse chuck taylors - I like converse shoes because the are cool and fun to wear and they are comfortable.

Toyota Corolla - I like the toyota corolla car because it looks nice and it looks cool.

I like the honda accord because it looks very stylish.

i like the game trouble because it is fun to play.

i like video games because they are challenging and they are very fun.

i like the playstation 4 because it has alot of fun games to play and it is a verry good system.

I like call of duty because there is so many different call of duty games to play and they are all very fun.

i like sour warhead candies be cause they are sour and good.

i like apple devices because they have alot of technology in them.

i like christmas because it is a time to celebrate jesus's birthday and time to spent time with family a time to eat and a time to upen up presents and get gifts.

i like halloween because it is a time to decorate with spooky and scary things an it is a time to have fun.

i like coffee because it tastes good.

i like star bucks because they have so many different flavors of coffees and so many different beverages. there coffee and beverages taste very good.

i like nissan because there cars are good.

I like fit bits because they help you stay healthy.

i like music because because it is fun to listen to.

i like the honda civic because it is cool.

i like tv because there is so many good shows to watch.


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