Food Blogging FACS SOL 8.5.10, Rebekah Sharpe and brenna smith

Introduction: Given a cooking blog to look at, students will create their own 10 step recipe blog which will demonstrate their ability to follow professional techniques in cooking food with 8 out of 10 steps correct.

  • Task:
  • By the end of this webquest you will:
  • Look at one of the cooking blog options provided.
  • Discuss with classmates what is working for the blog (IE aesthetics, steps, content, etc.)
  • Find a recipe for your group to make.
  • Assign roles for the process: Recorder, historian, bakers
  • Create your own blog explaining your baking process.


  1. Break into groups of four.
  2. Look through the following blogs and choose your favorite. See how they set it up, and take notes on what you like and don’t like about the set up. Use this as a guide for your own blog.
  3. Find your own recipe to make in class. You may choose a recipe from or and then approve the recipe with the teacher.
  4. Decide as a group who will be the recorder (the one who takes notes on the baking process), the historian (the one who documents the cooking process through pictures, minimum of 5 pictures), and the bakers (the ones creating the dish).
  5. Complete the recipe and fulfill your assigned roles.
  6. Blog about your experiences on using your notes and pictures. First provide the recipe, then a reflection on your experience. Each student will give their own reflection on the process.
  7. When designing your blog, use inspiration from the blogs you looked at earlier.

Conclusion: Time for you to get into groups, research the various food blogs, find a recipe, assign roles, start baking, and create your blog!


The blog requires the recipe written out and a minimum of five pictures that go along with the notes that were taken throughout the cooking process. It should also include each member's reflection on the process itself.


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