Digital Footprint of Donald Trump Cameron Curry

How has Donald Trumps' digital footprint changed through the years as a businessman, running a presidential campaign and after his inauguration as President of the United States of America?

Trump the Business Man

Before his bid in a successful presidential campaign and election as Mr. President, Trump had been a notorious member of the global business elite.

In order to achieve this Trump has an expansive history of business ideas and proposals that he has put forward particularly throughout the United States.

These have resulted in what is perceived as his so called success as a business man...or are they really a skeleton that he has been keeping in the closet?

There is a lot of controversy and greyness surrounding Trump's success as a businessman, however this does not concern how successful he has been but rather whether he has been successful or not!

Regardless, Trump has dealt with this controversy in an expertly strategic manner by leaving a larger digital footprint than those who have criticised him.

He has managed to do so largely through his appearances on television, movies and his notoriously controversial twitter account.

Maybe this is why we find images like these...

Trump the Candidate

Much like real estate has passed down through the Trump generations, not necessary politics itself but controversies surrounding it have.

These controversies surround the Trump family primarily Donald and his father Frederick have been amplified through Donald's' digital presence.

With Trumps history on social media for causing controversy and being perceived more as a celebrity and reality TV star, the world was left in disbelief when he announced he would be campaigning as the republican candidate for the 2016.

This was despite the fact that he had previously ran as a presidential candidate of the reform party in 2000, without his beloved social media accounts.

You can almost say that Trump was happy to accept the challenge that the world proposed to him.

For Trump this didn't mean leaving his previous controversial self behind but rather expanding his arsenal of controversial topics he could exploit through narcissistic tweets that would bring his followers out of the digital world and to his rallies.

He did so by manipulating real world issues to fit his "Make America Great Again" slogan that brought the message to the people of the US and the world that he would be investing in the people and to be the one responsible for the re-birth of the american dream.

The best way to spread the message of the people to the people was to reach where the people were.

This is why most of his $90m campaign was invested in digital advertising, most of which was spent on Facebook.

Although the re-birth of the american dream and the re-investing in the people of the United States seems all very appealing, Trump's take on this has led to him being compared to Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany as he followed a similar strategy in a rise to power.

America, a country that has been left in turmoil since the financial collapse of 2008 that led to the loss of business and closing of large parts of the secondary sectors in America left thousands unemployed.

Immigration numbers have always remained high in the United States and have dominated the blue and pink collar jobs in the states, which to an unemployed American are the only jobs remaining.

This has led to views that illegal immigrants are to blame for the large unemployment numbers in the states, along with the finger being pointed at Muslim cultures for posing a threat to the public as a result of the rise of terrorism and crime.

These were key points made by Trump during his campaign particularly through tweets that he would be acting to solve these so-called problems.

Trump the President

You would have thought that after Trumps election as president after his successful campaign would mean that his controversial twitter account would become less active and that President Trump would be making more public and television appearances in a more formal concept, unlike during his campaign.

This in fact has not been the case and rather President Trumps twitter has become even more active as his public appearances have dramatically decreased.

However since his election as President of the United States his online presence has become less about his own online activity and rather more of the online activity that less so his supporters but rather those following an...


...movement across the globe, particularly within the United States and the United Kingdom.

One such means of doing so has been since the digitisation of petitions in order for the public to sign and track these online, that members of the US public and UK public have signed such online petitions regarding Trump.

One such example of this was after the visit made by Prime Minister Theresa May to the US after Donald Trump's inauguration, Trump was given the offer of a state visit.

This is how 1.8 million members of the British public took to the news...

...and for every action surrounding Trump there seems to be an opposite but not necessarily equal reaction...

With these mixed opinions existing has led to a large deal of activism throughout both states, this has only led to a mass influx of media coverage surrounding the controversy that is no longer just the twitter account of Donald Trump, but rather than controversy that is the President of the United States Donald Trump.

It all almost brings about the question...

...where would trump be without the internet and social media?

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