My Life celine quadri

My name is Celine Quadri. I am eleven years old. I was born in Ticino, Switzerland. I live in Caslano. My hobbies and interests are horse riding. I love my family

My family

There are four people in my family. My mother, my father and my sister. I am the youngest. My father is medium height, he has a brown hair and blue eyes, while my mother is shorter than my father, she has brown hair and blue eyes as well. We live in a house in Caslano, Switzerland. My best family time is spent at home, when we watch a movie all together. During our holidays we are used to go to the sea side.


My friends are Shania Donnicola, Moe Pasquali and Giorgia Capurro . We met when we were at school. My best friends are Shania, Moe and Giorgia. Me and my friends go out together to the minigolf in Caslano.


My hobbies are horse riding and tennis. I am interested in sports. I am talented and gifted in tennis. My favourite activity is horse riding.

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