A Light in the Storm by:Marie By: Karen Hesse

The book I am going to tell you about is called The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, she is 16 years old. Her family lives on a shore because they have to tell about the weather because it was their job to protect people in boats who got into storms. I hope you like it!

In the beginning of the book it was Christmas and Amelia's mother made her an apron because Amelia loved to bake.

This is a picture of a peach pie, Amelia baked a lot of peach pies

One day Amelia's mother and father got in a BIG fight about the North and the South, because a war was going to start. Her mother was from the south, and her father was from the north. There was a Civil War about slavery and Abraham Lincoln was against slavery. Amelia's family lived in Delaware on the border between the North and the South.

One day when Amelia went to see her uncle he said he had some bad news for her... Amelia's good friend William was ice skating with his brother Daniel and he went too far and fell in and died. William's brother Daniel did not die. Amelia walked home really sad.

Amelia's mother got sick and her body was very sore. Amelia would sometimes try to talk to her mom about the slaves, but she just got mad and said "GO AWAY AND STOP TALKING ABOUT THAT STUFF!!!!!" That just made Amelia mad!

In the middle of the book Amelia starts to teach school and her family got a new housekeeper whose name is Keper Dunne. Amelia's Mother and Father keep fighting more and more. William's brother Daniel went to war when Amelia and Daniel just became friends.

In the end of the book Amelia's mother moved to her mother's house ( Amelia's grandmother). Amelia hoped that her father would not go to war because when he got back from the war they would probably fight even more and get divorced. One day Amelia and her father went to see her mother. When the father went to the mother's room he handed her a paper about a divorce and she said yes and signed it. When they were on their way home Amelia saw the paper and said "Father what is that paper for?" He yelled at her and they went on. One day he told Amelia what the paper was for. Amelia's life with her father went on and on. That is how the book ended.

Amelia was the light in the storm because she was trying to keep her family together.


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