BASIC KINDOM LIFE The who and what of non-religious spirituality

God manifests in a physical world. The genious of the Christ and of the trinity is 'Christ come in the flesh.' Which means Christ comes in you and expresses Himself through you.

Jesus warned us in the book of John that any attempt to dilute or obscure that truth that Jesus lives to become us, comes from the pit of hell. The specific scripture states that all spirits subject to the authority of Christ assure people that He Himself has come in our flesh. That is the trinity manifests as you.

God is expressed subtly in all

God is expressed overtly and specifically in those who take His name and invite Him to be their life. Religious life can be about us receiving Jesus into our life - or tryibng to. Spirit and life is about us knowing, agreeing and believing that we have been received into His life - the life of the trinity.

Christ Comes in You

  1. Christ come in our flesh is quite a different slant to the usual use of the word flesh in the new testament. Paul uses flesh to mean carnality and Watchman Nee is correct to speak of carnal christianity in this vein. In John the Spirit of Christ means us to interpret the text as the Spirit of Christ incarnated in our being. This is certainly the meaning Athanasius gives it, as do all theologies that harmonise with the teaching of the apostles. It’s the same meaning as Paul’s ‘In Him we live, move and have our being.’ Christ really does become our life in person.
  2. You dont have to attempt a life doing 'Christ things.' You can invite Him to do His Thing in you. Through, you Jesus manifests as who you as a Believer want to be. With Jesus as our life we become the real us instead of a religious us or a rebellious us.

A place and its surroundings become a stage for the action of God when a son or a daugter of God sets foot in that place.

You are holy, your work place is holy because He is holy and alive in you releasing rivers of spirit and life.

You the manifestation of Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit

Since the cross we have been liberated from the definitions of the knowledge of good and evil. We have been made one with God and the creation - which is His - has been made one with us. In the new testament realm there are no places that are holier or more sacred than other places. No times more sactified than other times. Times and places are under His Feet and Christ's Presence is all and in all.

We need not walk around with our Bibles to make things whole or holy. Neither need we think that our bbq is less a venue for God to express Himself through us than a church. There is something more grand than a praise and worship service. It's worship as a life. Yours. We are not talking pious mannerisms. We are talking being a vessel of spirit and life where we are.



We are talking here of the incarnation which is the new covenant reality of Christ our life. Here the Spirit of Jesus manifests as the sons and daughters of God: All who believe Christ’s gospel and have entered their union with Him. This union is unlike the old covenant. In Adam and Moses people were influenced by the Holy Spirit. None lived in the Spirit until Jesus came among us and none could until His death when the new covenant began with the ripping of the temple curtain. ‘It was finished!’ What was finished? The separation that Adam began was finished and the union with God initiated and accomplished by God began at the at-one-ment of the cross.

Post Cross, New Covenant Reality

In this age Christ is in you and through you - in the world.

A New Age

“Knowing the first covenant is not like the second will bring this clear distinction between the two covenants: The old way depended upon the people to dedicate and commit their lives towards fulfilling the commands. The new way depends upon the One who already fulfilled the commands and has committed his life to us … Throughout the writings of the New Testament, we see a constant comparison of old covenant law to new covenant grace. “For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17 NASB). Notice the contrast! On the one hand there is the law that came through Moses; on the other hand, grace and truth realized through Jesus Christ. (1)

Old Lie new Ploy

The lie that led to The Fall was the insinuation that there was some lack. Adam and Eve were not ‘as gods’ because they were not really sons and daughters of God. Father had pulled some kind of a swiftie on them and therefore could not be trusted. But there already were as gods because they were sons and daughters of God. This lie is the same deceit Satan uses today. Through the cross, the atonement and the incarnation Jesus has made us one with God. We are no longer sons notionally – unless we persist in the separation of the law. We are sons in spirit and in truth because the sonship of Jesus is our sonship and His relationship with each member of the trinity is our relationship with the trinity.

Through Jesus the relationship He has with the trinity is our relationship with God and with each other.

The Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

Grace and truth undo the lie and annul the separation. Grace and truth is the enterprise of love enacted by the trinity on our behalf. The stunningly gracious act of God is the cross where God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. The amazingly clever plan is the manifestation of the life of the trinity in you and I on an ongoing basis as our incarnated life in the Spirit. The lie of the Enemy is that the law is still operative and it is Jesus who assists in our keeping of the law. It’s a mongrel gospel. The pure Gospel is that Christ Himself is our life. He graces us with His life as ours. We live in the fellowship of their life as ours. We are joined by the Christ to the Family of God as the sons and daughters of God.

Jesus is in you and with you where you are. He imbues you with Himself. You are always in the company of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

There is no sacred and secular in the Age of the Kingdom. The Kingdom is in you and manifests as you.

Jesus is just as much in you and with you at the clothesline as He is in church or when you are reading your Bible. Who you become and the amount of living water you release depends not on churchiness or religiosity or even pieties but your relating to Him as a person, person to person. He is not only with you in your life. He is your life.

Christ in you - glory realised in the everyday life.

So what is Basic Kingdom Life? It's you and us all as a manifestation of Jesus, our Father and Holy Spirit.

Life in the Spirit is life in the new covenant union with God. The gifts of the Spirit flourish and grow in this soil and climate of companionship with the trinity. Gifts and charismata lived independently of God fade and mislead. They have no root.

(1) Kapler, Michael C.. Clash Of The Covenants: Escaping Religious Bondage Through The Grace Guarantee (Kindle Locations 509-522). Kindle Edition.” (1)

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