PhazeGod Last Flame


PhazeGod is a rapper, producer, and graphic deigner from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. His sound is versatile in nature, taking on many different forms while maintaining cohesiveness within a usually melodic aura. His lyrics are composed of a lifetime experiences from his own perception of the world around him, often dealing with his interactions with the opposite sex. His originality is one of his biggest appeals, as it seems to be impossible to confine him to a box.

  • PhazeGod has over 100,000 streams on SoundCloud
  • Over 10,000 streams on Spotify
  • Has performed with acts such as Lil Durk, MC Chris, and TiaCorine

artist: 336.813.5601 | management: 336.837.7796

artist: champphaze@gmail.com | management: steadyhyperactive@gmail.com

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