Annual cost project By Alex Sakkas

Every week, my family goes to Market basket to get oranges. They come in packs of 8 oranges and go for $5.99 for 5lb. Because my family likes oranges, we use all 8 each week. After doing the math, I calculated that we would pay $311.48 for oranges each year.

Next I had to find the amount of material the company uses for packaging.

In the end, the company uses 2,953.9808 sq. cm of plastic for packaging.

Lastly, I had to calculate if I had bought oranges from Costco, would it cost more or less?

Costco sells 15 oranges for $9.99

In the end, if my family buys packs from Costco, we would be saving $51.74 every year.

Next, I had to find the Amount of material Costco uses for their oranges:

It turned out it was almost double the amount used at market basket, reaching 5,574.528 square centimeters.

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