The Timeline of Television By Eric and Andrew


Abbe Giovanna Caselli invented the Pantelegraph in 1862. A pantelegraph can transfer writing, and drawing through wire

1876. George dreamed of a machine that people would use in their homes to view pictures

1884. Paul Nipkow figured out how to send multiple pictures through wires. He used a rotating disk to move the pictures.

1907; a Scientists developed a new way to work the television. It used something called cathode rays and a vacuum tube.

in 1924 a scientist developed way to capture objects in motion. It was called the moving picture, and paved the way for movies and TV shows.

In 1928, The first tv station was created


TV's were tested at the World Fair in 1939 to market to the public. One of the first TV brands was RCA.

TV had been in development for many years. Release to public in 1950

Developers at Panasonic developed and released the flat screen TV. It quickly took over the TV market. 1997

In 2009 the American people made the switch to all-digital television viewing.


Created with images by Biblioteca Rector Machado y Nuñez - ""Pantelégrafo Caselli"." • wellcome images - "Credit: Science Museum, London, Wellcome Images" • imrambi - "first_tv.jpg" • basykes - "3/16/2012"

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