Down Syndrome by: Jade delecia pavone

Down syndrome is a chromosome 21 disorder that cause developmental and intellectual delays

What causes Down Syndrome ?- Down Syndrome occurs when someone has a full or partial 21 chromosome this genetic extra material alters the persons ability to develop normally, people with Down syndrome are also more likely to have medical problems like heart defect's or respiratory and hearing problems but since the advancement in medicine and technology most of these problems are treatable.

Occurs at birth, they are able to tell if a newborn has Down Syndrome as soon as He or She is born by looking at the physical features. Ex.( flattened facial profile, upward slanted eyes,along with a single deep crease across the palm of the hand), but these features can also occur with babies who don't have down syndrome, so to make sure they do a analysis called a karyotype.

Occurs in people with a full or partial extra 21 chromosome

Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome- Is a genetic condition where the male is born with an extra X chromosome.

Klinefelter Syndrome isn't inherited, it occurs after the child is born because of a genetic error.

occurs in Men

Because the men are born with an extra X chromosome they may not have facial hair, and if they do its little to none, they experience more of a feminine side.

Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome - A chromosome disorder where a female only has one X chromosome.

Turner Syndrome happens when there is a missing or incomplete sex chromosome.

Occurs in female's, because of this syndrome female's can have problems with infertility, short body, heart defects, hitting puberty, and some learning disabilities.

Treatment: hormone therapy, and fertility treatment if these woman decide to have children

Color Blindness

Color Blindness- unable to determine between certain colors.

Color Blindness is mostly inherited but you could also go colored blind from certain eye diseases and or medications.

Normally color blindness makes it hard to tell different types/shades of reds and greens.

There isn't any treatment for color blindness that is inherited but if someone is colored bling for a different reason like the type of meds they are on they could try and treat that cause and it might help.

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