STREAM Newsletter Fall 2019

Our Vision:

The STREAM committee is dedicated to developing a program that is inquiry based and that will develop students into confident, self-directed learners. In a safe and supportive environment our students will be engaged in a group problem solving with applicable solutions that develops independent thinking while fostering collaboration. Students will have opportunities to gain read world experience through community partnerships and internships. Our goal is to combine science, technology, research, engineering, art, and mathematics to prepare our students to be Life Ready.

Want to get STREAM-y?

These are our top fall picks to try in your classroom!

What’s STREAMing at...

Chase, Cooke, & KLR


Mrs. Furman's second grade glass LOVES Mystery Science lessons!
Students tested the properties of different materials to see if they would melt.
Does it melt? Let's test it to find out!


Students in Ms. Bender & Ms. Wood's first grade class dissected a pumpkin to learn about the different parts. Then, they labeled each part on a paper pumpkin.
Students began learning about what a scientist is. First, they discussed what a scientist does and decided that they do experiments, observations, and try to solve problems.
We made marshmallow towers to test our teamwork skills and solve a problem together!


Fifth grade students from Mrs. Cheng & Mrs. Futrell's class celebrated Halloween the STEAM way!
Students planned and built bone bridges using only Q-tips, Popsicle sticks, and pipe cleaners. The goal was to see who had the longest bridge.

RJK Middle School

Students utilize creativity and math skills in designing geometric straight curve drawings by applying their measurement and drafting skills.
By using hands-on skills, students practice using a scroll saw to cut out their own unique puzzle pieces.
Puzzles made by our students all varied in shape and size and were distinct to each individual student.
Students employed their digital skills to design pictures for their puzzles and printed them using advanced laser technology.
Laser printer used to print images onto students' puzzles.
Students watch in awe as the laser meticulously prints their personal designs.
Close-up of laser printer hard at work
Student proudly displays work
Students use collaboration and teamwork to draft drawings and measure and build Air Skimmers
Students compete to test out the aerodynamics of their air skimmers.
Students focus on their skimmers in hopes to win the big race.
Student smiles infectiously with excitement.

Monticello High School

SUPA Physics explores zSpace VR devices
Physics at it's best in Newton's Park
Engaged students are happy students!
HS Alternative Energy Course: Solar car design and race.
HS Science Department zSpace training.
Students in Principals of Health Science made lap books to learn more about medical and health related careers.
SUPA Forensics made crime scene dioramas. This project required students to tap into their creative juices! They made a realistic crime scene based on the murder chapter they read.
Anatomy and Physiology class learning all about the brain.

The Engineering Design Process is the heart of STREAM