Nantucket Red Leila howland

Authors Bio- The author of this book is Leila Howland, Leila is a 22 year old woman who loves to spend her time reading and with animals. (Her favorite animal is dogs!) She is from a little small down in Los Angles. She is a graduate of Georgetown University. She spends lots of her time writing in her little notepad that he got from Hobby Lobby. She is famous for Nantucket Blue. (which I haven't read it!) she sold about 2 million of them.
Genre, Theme, Setting--- Nantucket Red Fiction is set in a small town in Nantucket. The time is set in the present day. The theme of the novel is about a girl, trying to make herself look good getting into a really huge college, called Brown University.. But then she hits some life changing events that are not the best dicision.
Plot Summary-- Cricket, is one of the smartest people in her school and is a really good lacrosse player. She got accepted into Brown University as long as she could come to Nantucket for the summer and stay with her cousin, Amy. She gets a café job and meets some friends and makes not the best decisions and gets caught by the leader of Brown University.
Characters- Cricket is the main character of the passage. She is very smart and does the best she can to please everybody. She gets herself accepted into a big college and makes some wrong turns before then.. Then there is her best friend Jules. Jules is the crazy yet pretty one of the bunch. Then there is Ben who she meets
Main Conflict- The main conflict of is how Cricket gets accepted into the college of her dreams, from being a really smart teenager. She goes to Nantucket to live with her cousin, Amy. She gets herself into a situation from breaking into a sandwich shop with her best friend and ex boyfriend and the college professor finds out..
Book evaluation- I really loved this book and the way its written. I would describe this book as a page turner, and a very nail bitter. (for me!) Cricket is a very independent person, and strong. I would recommend this book for anybody who likes a surprised ending and a very mysterious, romance.
quotes- "We didn't kiss," I said, Jules cocked an eyebrow. "We brushed lips." I love this quote because this explains how down to earth and shy she really is. " Maybe what couldn't be named was just as real as what could be. Maybe sometimes love existed in the spaces between. " This reminds me how she cant find her heart with the 2 guys she is talking too.
vocab words- an intense feeling of deep affection. extravagant-acking restraint in spending money or using resources. Smudged- cause (something) to become messily smeared by rubbing it.


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