Adventure of a Water Droplet Showed by:CameRon baker

Mya has been separated from her friends, but while she is on grass she has been thinking of going on an adventure.
I began my adventure as a water molecule on grass. I kept thinking about where my friends might be, but while I'm here I should figure out where I should go to find them.

Later, I experienced a change as I was walking off the flower.

"Ahhh what's happening,"

"It's evaporating!” Replied some randome voice.

"What's evaporation?"

"Well it's when the heat from the sun is heating the water which causes evaporation," Replied the randome voice again.

"Evaporating is fun, after you evaporate you go back down into the ocean or lake or river." The randome voice told Mya.

The randome voice started talking again, "you guys are really heavy. I'm going to drop you, ok. Here we go."

"I guess that the randome voice was the cloud." Mya guessed

Plop, splash, drip, splash plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop, plop,

KAPLOOSH, Mya fell fast and hard into the Pacific Ocean.

"MAYA!" Ashley and Frista Yelled, YOU ARE FINALLY HERE!"

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Screamed Mya

"I am precipitating again, bye." Mya told her friends.

" Hi Mr. Cloud, I am back again."

"Hi Mya," replied Mr. Cloud.

"Here we go, we are dropping again," yelled Mya

Bang, crash, thump.

"Now I am never going to see my friends again," I'm soaking into the ground water, further and further and further and further," cried Mya.

"I have been here for ten hundred years," Mya exclaimed

"Now I am moving towards the lake, YAY!" Maybe I can go from the lake, to the clouds and back to the ocean." Mya was thinking.

"I have now made it to the lake, maybe I can evaporate again," though Mya.

"I'm evaporating once again!" Mya screamed excitedly.

"This time it was a different, smaller, weaker cloud so I couldn't hold us all" Mya told everyone.

"We are dropping again, here we go." Mya yelled to everyone.

Drip, drop, drip, drop, plop, kathunk.

Krista and Ashley heard Mya drop so they went over to her and they all hugged.

From there on out if one is evaporating they hang on to each other.

Krista, Ashley, and Mya now have to find there parents, what will happen next?

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