science by abdiel rios gutierrez

Weathering in the rock broke rock into little pieces.The moving of the ocean caused weathering.

The ocean hits the rock and breaks it.
Erosion is when the rock is moving and then is placed on top of another and another making pancakes.
The process of building up the surface of Earth by putting down rock.
pattern of temperature and precipitation that remains for a long time in a big area.
Natural resources: are part of Earth. We use them to make energy, grow food, build things, and make clothing.
Solar Energy
The solar energy is the sun energy converts into electricity heat in bucinessed and homes.
Wind Energy
The wind energy is how it works wind blows and the whid mill resources and make energy.
Geothermal Energy
A factory drills into
science journals.
HURRICANE:Swirling storm that starts over an ocean and causes many natural disasters on earth..
Tornado: A tortuous storm with very fast winds that forms on the ground a swirl in which you can take what you want..
WATER:Pattern of temperature and humidity of the rain that covers a small area for a short time and is a type of electricity from the sky.
the water cycle:The water cycle is composed or made by, evaporation, presipitacion, condensation, runoff.


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