Orpan Author: Romalotti By:Kaleb Frieson


Orpan is about a boy who was adopted about 10 months ago from present day in the book. Orphan lived with 2 other kids with their dad, but none of them talked to Orphan. The Dad says he wants them to get to know Orphan, but they don't listen until one day one of the kids talk to him and his name is Jahod. When Jahod talked to Orphan he didn't really think Orphan would respond to him since he never does until one day. Orphan actually responds to him and they have a whole conversation together and they start to become more like friends then adopted brothers. Then at least a week or so passed by and the dad saw Orphan and Jahod becoming too friendly as he knows what happens when Orphan has someone he cares about. Although no one else knows about Orphan's Secret except his adopted dad. So what could it be?

Personal Review:

My thoughts on this book were that it was an amazing book. Like a very good job in keeping the suspense going as well as the twists on every turn and the secrets lying within 2 people with 2 different perspectives (Dad and Orphan) about the secret makes you just wanna read more. If I had to rate the book on my preferences and made it a star rating I would say at least 4 1/2 . Just because even though I loved the book, I had to infer what the secret was since they just didn't go right out and tell you what it was. That was the only thing that really kinda annoyed me to my last nerve. Still the whole book was fire like I loved it. If anyone likes to read books with Drama, Mysterious, Teen Ficition, or Paranormal then this book is definately for you. Just saying the paranormal part is to the end of the book and that you would have to read for yourself in order to understand the secrets and what lies beyond what Dad and Orphan are hiding.

Links to Romalotti's Page:

https://www.wattpad.com/user/Romalottii https://www.wattpad.com/story/48160546-orphan-bxb

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