Day at the Museum a trip to the harn


The Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art is one of the best art galleries I have ever gotten the chance to visit. It encompassed a wide range of mediums on my visit and furthered my interest in the arts, especially in photography because of the Frida Kahlo exhibit.

MEDIUM OF THE ART: This photograph of Frida Kahlo is just one of the many pictures of the famous painter on display in the Harn. I enjoyed this particular photo for its use of medium (i.e., a black-and-white picture). I have Instagram and between the amount of pictures I see on this, other social media, or other sources, I forgot how pictures can be extraordinarily artistic under certain hands. This picture of Kahlo wearing a Soviet Hammer and Sickle is the prime demonstration of medium being able to bring full attention to its focus. By seeing this picture in person, I was able to look at the details and feel, though it is a small picture, that I was standing in front of Kahlo.
DESIGN OF THE MUSEUM: The layout of the African artifacts exhibit I found to be very aesthetically pleasing. The arrangement utilized the large amount of space and was able to house quite the collection of cultural pieces. I found the way it offered a lot of space and direction to allow a good pacing, gradually moving the attention from one piece to the next. While I moved through the exhibit, I also found the coloring of the walls to really fit and add to the atmosphere.
ART AND CORE VALUES: This piece, part of the spotlight on Latin American artwork, demonstrates one of my core values as it is a group of workers who are engaged in discourse during their break. I have a job myself and seeing this sort of camaraderie among workers is something i usually feel and try to establish in my relationships. It is important that, in any relationship one has, there is room for humor and talk. This painting definitely helps me realize how important having good relationships are in my life and how my co-workers definitely help me feel better about my job and my role.
ART AND THE GOOD LIFE: The final piece(s) I found on my trip to the Harn were a few works by Pablo Picasso. These are assorted scenes of bull fighting in Spain. One may see a representation of the Good Life to be a little hard to associate with these images, but I contend they are clear examples of Seeking the Good Life. The matadors in these scenes are part of a complex cultural tradition that puts their life on the line. I'm a big fan of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises which discusses some matadors he meets in the 1920's. With this prior understanding, these sketches by Picasso are demonstrations of individuals trying to find their Good Life by attempting to overcome the tradition they have. If successful in the Running of the Bulls, the matadors would certainly achieve acclaim and recognition for their ends. By risking their life to try and find the Good Life, I see this piece as a being a reflection of how difficult it can be to find the Good Life.

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