101 Children Carol Sweetman

In Los Angeles, California there was a man that terrified everyone. He scared them so much that someone even wrote a song about how mean he was! But he still had many dark secrets that the public knew very little about. This man's name was Cruellio de Vil.

One of his big secrets was that he was the boss of a child labor shop. He had 101 children working for him in there. But production never went as smoothly as he wanted because of two children. One was a girl named Rebecca and the other a boy named Winston. They both were about 10 years old.

They both tried to find ways out of the shop to get help for everyone who worked there. Sadly they always got caught every time they came close to getting out. Cruellio de Vil would grow tired of having to chase them down so when he caught them he made them do a day without food and water. These two children became his examples to keep the other kids in line.

Luckily for the children, there is a wonderful couple that runs past the shop everyday for their workout. Although it could prove to be a little difficult because not many people would believe that children would in an abandoned warehouse. Especially one that most people in the area truly believe is empty.

But all they have to do is just get to the door or window and get their attention. Then they can ask the couple to help get all of them out. This couple was actually known for helping children and being very kind. Their names were Andrew Dennis Biersack and Juliet Simms.

They both had tattoos and were singer/songwriters. Juliet and Andrew had been hoping for kids of their own but they had trouble planning things because they were always on tour. But on this day they were home and going for their usual run. Jessica heard them talking as they ran past one part of the building. She got the idea to sneak one of the youngest kids between the boards covering one of the windows. Since the board had broken off and the child was small enough they were able to safely get him outside to ask the couple to help.

Andrew noticed the child right away and had asked him some questions regarding his family and where he came from. As he had answered Juliet looked up to see the other children peeking through the window. Jessica and Winston were calling out to them when she looked up.

The couple called the police quickly to get all of them out of the building and catch whoever it was that put them there. Which was the next question that was asked, "Who did this to you?" The children were terrified to answer at first but Winston spoke up saying it was Cruellio de Vil. The police ended up catching him and they were free to be kids again. But none of them had anywhere to go to they asked Juliet to help them. She talked it over with Andrew and they did. They helped all 101 kids by adopting them and taking care of them.

They had gone from ratty clothing to beautiful new clothing. Jessica went from a dress in rags to a beautiful blue dress.

Winston's clothing also improved as did all of the children's. He went from destroyed pants to a regular teenage boy look.

And now they all live very happily with their new family in their adoptive parents mansion.

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