Wales, United Kingdom By Reilly Foran and finn suppelsa

Wales is located in the United Kingdom. It is a country over shadowed by the larger country of the United Kingdom. There economy is driven by three major factors tourism, manufacturing, agriculture. Wales has many historic castles and buildings that attract tourists from all around the world. Wales is located by the sea, were fishing is a common business. Wales manufacture metals to create ships and other vehicles.

The best time to come to Wales is the summer. The plane ride on Air France is only $ 793. Get this deal on a five star hotel for only $ 2,235 a night. Inside your five star we have excellent sea food at any time. When you come on down you can't miss the amazing Caernarfon Castle.

Wales is a wealthy country with a GDP of over 53 billion dollars. However many larger countries GDP's are much higher, for a small country it is pretty wealthy. There are many old castles to visit in Wales an it heavily invests in transportation so it will be easier to get around in wales.


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