Learning Objective #6 Values

Top Ten values

I found it hard to only select ten. I feel I have a lot more values, but these were the most important to me.

Top Five VAlues

Narrowing down to only five values was extremely tough. I felt like I was giving up a little piece of me, as weird as it sounds. To narrow down to five, I chose the five I found to be most important. I believe no matter what you do you should be passion about it. I also believe being true to who you are is extremely important and you should change for no one but yourself. This goes in hand with honestly, because I mean "honesty is the best policy". Also because I find honest to be very important, in all aspects of my life. I also love my family and have no idea what I would do without them, so of course they are still in the running. Lasting I chose humor because life without humor would just be sad.

Top Value

After a very, very tough decision I chose honesty to be my top value. The hardest to discard was family and humor. Although guiness was hard to discard I felt honesty could be applied in that aspect, as well. I chose honesty because I believe it is important in every area.

Short Term Goal

My short term goal is to finish out the spring 2017 semester with a 3.5 GPA. As much as I am hoping for it to be a 4.0, I found a 3.5 to be the most realistic. To work towards this goal will require lots of discipline and determination. Whenever I get to stressed I tend to just give up, which cannot happen. As of now I am on track to recieving at least a 3.5 if not a 4.0. Not only will this make me very proud of myself it will help out my GPA a ton and to have a chance to get back my shcolarship.

Long term Goal

My long term goal is to have my BSN in five years. Like my short term goal, this goal will require lots and lots of hard work to achieve. Not only will I have to get into a nursing school, I will have to complete nursing school. My action plan is to work hard in every class with the goal to get an A. I will apply to Clemson's nursing program in January 2018, if I do not get in I will continue to get my B.S. in Psychology. After graduation I will apply to Clemson and MUSC's accelerated nursing program. Whichever I am accpeted to I will attend; if i get into both I will attend MUSC. After getting into nursing school I will continue to study hard and gradute to recieve my BSN. After recieving my BSN I will contuie my education with getting my master's in nursing and the end goal being a nurse practicionar.

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