My Focused Future By Lucas Kessler

Attend a taekwondo olympic sparring match
Solve a Rubix Cube in under 10 seconds
Get to black belt in taekwondo
Get Gud at playing ukulele
Make money via music
Be considered good at at least 1 video game
Ride on an airboat
Be a tourist in my own state
Be on a radio show
Be on the jumbotron in a football stadium
Be on TV
Climb the eiffel tower
Be in complete silence for 24 hours
ride on a dog sled
Explore a cave
Buy a house
Get my first raise
Get a tatoo
Be hypnotized
go skiing
High Five Oprah
Hold a monkey
Hug a sea lion
Jump off a waterfall into water
Make a clay turtle
Make a PERFECT Peanut Butter and Jelly
Play paintball
Read a book before the movie comes out then watch the movie
Ride an elephant
See a giraffe in the wild
Set a guinness world record
Sit in a front row seat at a baseball game
Sleep in a castle
Slide down a firehouse pole
Swim in clear water
Walk on stilts
Work on a pottery wheel

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