First Year Writing Seminar Semester Findings by EMilie Rinaldi

Ede Assignments

General Writing

Doing these assignments has taught me that writing comes in many different forms, not just stories and articles, but it comes in things like videos and emails. One way our professor taught us this is by having us do Writing Assignment #3. This was taking a research that we found on a specific health-related concern and creating a public service announcement in video form. This made us do more writing than what you would think because of scripting and story boarding.


Rhetoric was another big thing that we learned. This is the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing or language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience. We have done assignments that have taught us how to use rhetoric in many ways like WA2, which was making a standpoint in an argumentative, academic essay about a health-related concern and stating facts found from research to convince the reader on my standpoint on the topic. This essay has a very persuasive standpoint but also a very professional view on the issue.

Another assignment that looks at a different standpoint in rhetoric is WA3. This assignment was to take all of the information that we learned and make a video for the topic. One that can be viewed by many people on social media and get the point across to them. When making this, we had to make sure that we didn't use difficult words or make things too long for someone too watch, or even go in depth about it. We just had to make it super simple.


I was always alright with summarizing but I really feel as though I just about perfected it this semester. Between all the EDE assignments and creating our research portfolio, I have had to summarize so much that I was able to weed out most of my common errors. The research portfolio I felt as though was one of the more tough assignments to complete. This assignment made me look for several sources to complete for WA 2 and WA3. The reason why I felt that it was a little more on the tricky side was because of the amount of important information that was in each of the sources. I had to figure out which was the most important for the reader when they go to read about the main focus of what each source is about. In order to do this, I referenced back to my EDE book and re-read the section about summarizing and continued to work on my assignment.

Student Affairs Sessions

Academic Support

Just about a month ago I was significantly hurt at cheerleading practice and I was freaking out because I didn't know what to do about classes. I remembered that back in August we attended these sessions in the HUB specifically for freshman students to get to know the facilities on campus and what there is for everyone to use. Knowing this, I went to the academic support office and talked to them about my options. They informed all of my teachers about my disability and told them the plan that we had worked out and ever since I have been able to do my absolute best in all of my classes.

Meeting New People

These sessions have made me grow as a student here at Moravian College. One way is that I have met so many new people. Before school started I moved in to be a part of the cheerleading team and I thought that it was great. How the sessions helped me meet new people is by informing me of the things to do around campus. Just recently I went to the open house for Greek Life and met some girls there, and I also met people by joining clubs like the pre-health club, attending on campus activities like movies and other fun things, and working through the career office for America Reads. Im so glad that we had these sessions because they gave me a chance to reflect many times during the semester on things that I had readily available to me on campus.


All of these assignments have been about different things but this is just something to reflect back at them. Doing these journals for class were kind of like keeping journals for me. Doing them helped me think about what I have done or learned not specifically that week, but during the semester, about getting more involved on the campus, and helping me plan out my assignments. This is all just by making me think about what I have to do and giving me a reason to sit down and think about what I have learned, what I plan to learn, and what I can do for myself while I am here attending this college.

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