The Black Plague By Dylan belanger

They wore these things because they thought it was the air that made everyone sick.

The bubonic plague was spread by fleas and they got on rats and went to Europe then they spred it to humans and they got sick and they started to get syimptoms witch are.

The simtoms of the Black Plague include Pain in the abdimon,cough can be with blood,whole body chills and fever,gastrointestinal direa nausea or vomiting.

The Black Death is one of the most devastating pandemics ever because it killed from 75 to 200 million people.

during the Black Plague people's teeth started roting.

The Black Death killd so many people that docters had a stick that they used tho keep people away from him and barbers did the same thing basically any job that had enything to do with the outside world The doctors thought that it was the air that was contaminated so they stufft it full of rose pedals and erbs to clean the air so it did not get them sick.

The Black Plague is such a sad period in time because baby's parints died and they were all alone

People started to catipalt people over the wall

The mask did not always work because

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