Overpopulation in China By: Jonathan Bardales

Besides the fact that China may have a few problems, such as overpopulation, the country also brings many positive aspects such as the following.
Architecture in China, the people are very proficient in this area.

The country of China produces architecture such as this building. They also finish them mildly rapid as well.

China has many different forms of art giving anyone a broad selection to take a liking to.
The art also varies into the architecture, the possibilities are endless.
China has many different dishes within their country such as: dumplings, tea, sushi, and ramen. The people of China are very prominite about their tea and take much pride in it.
This is Mao Zedong, he promoted and prompted child birth to raise the income of the country and gain a stronger army.

Due to the results of China's One Child Policy the country has resulted in a large population of elderly that China has to take care of. There has been a large increase of chronic disease and disability. China is having a little trouble giving them aid.


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