Dream Big CAPS Professional development november 2017

Thanksgiving Kahoot...just to get the juices flowing...



Video Starter...

ACTIVITY: While watching the video, write down key words outside of the circle on one side as you listen to Sir Ken Robinson's comments.

ACTIVITY: In the circle, choose the top 5 words between you and your partner that seem to stand out as S.K. Robinson's main ideas.

Would this student succeed at CAPS?

Discussion--CAPS and educational change-relate the key ideas

Leadership...focusing direction, cultivating collaborative cultures, deepening learning, securing accountability

8 lessons for cultivating systematic change...

Secure the vision

Build culture

Determine digital resources

Develop capacity for professional capital

Cultivate coherence

Confront distractors

Align resources for sustainability

Clarity of strategy

Former CEO of Honeywell..."I want to be right at the end of the meeting, not at the beginning."

In your environment, be the lead learner, not the instructional leader.

COHERENCE MAKING AND DEEP LEARNING: Strategies for System Change that Benefit All Students (Michael Fullan)

ACTIVITY: Think of what you do here at CAPS and apply to all of the categories above...


Examples of authentic activities from our curriculum...SHARE OUT

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

Sharing our Passions!

Cross Strand/Course Authentic Learning Experience Brainstorming

The Roles of...

KLC __________INDIGO

What are our next steps?


Explore & Share...

Explore a New Place...

Share a New Idea...

Hope you had fun and learned something new!

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