The One and Only Ivan By: PAyton and the Author is katherine applegate

WHO: The Main characters are Ivan who is a gorilla at the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Video Arcade. He doesn't remember much about his child life. Stella a Elephant who is very old. She remembers everything she wants Ivan to take care of Ruby if she doesn't make it......... Ruby a baby elephant who is new to the mall .... Her mother died and she doesn't know any circus tricks. Bob is a stray dog that lives with Ivan.Mack is the owner of the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Arcade and takes care of the animals. George is the Janitor for the mall and cares for the animals. Julia is Georges daughter and makes Ivan love drawing a lot she helps Ivan help free Ruby too...........

WHEN: It doesn't say when the story takes place in the book. It says at about in the middle of book that he counted the days he has been there and it was 9,855 days. So I think that he was probably there for about 9,900. days. Not including the zoo which he was there for the rest of his life i think

WHERE: It also doesn't say where they are exactly. It mostly takes place at the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Arcade.Then at the end of the story.........(NO SPOILERS!)

WHY: Ivan is determined to save Ruby and get here out of the Exit 8 Big Top Mall and Arcade. He does it alone cause none else can help him who's a animal.......


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