Between Shades of Gray Book Club

Book Club Question Answers:

The name of the book I'm going to read is Between the Shades of Gray.

I think that this book will be about a girl who is living during World War II. She is taken away from her home and all of her expectations for her life. She is desperately trying to contact her father. She is trying to fight for all of the lives that have been taken, like hers.

During the time where the story takes place, many things were happening in Germany, and the countries nearest to Germany. Jewish citizens were thought to be awful, and "dirty-blooded." They didn't have "true" German blood. The Nazi Party would take them away to camps, that would most likely end up killing them. It was not a safe time for most people in German areas.

I was not alive during the Holocaust, but I can say that things are still divided. Although thousands are not being killed at once for a religion they follow, people still believe that they are better than another because of a skin color, gender, sexuality, or anything else. There are still vicious people who are ignorant enough to believe that their life is more important than another's.

I think that there will be many words important, or frequently used in this book like NKVD, Holocaust, prison, camp, and family.

I think that this book will be about a teenage girl who goes through an unexpected tough time, but will remain strong and get through it.

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