The life of Pearl

Hi My name is Pearl and this is my life

This is the life

Some nights I like to jump on my owners bed when I do I tend to take up a lot of room so she only has a little section. I love taking over the bed I find is so comfortable

my original bed

But I mostly sleep in this bed. You see the difference which one would you want to sleep on. I'd chose my owners bed any time. But this one is comfortable too.

waiting to take my owners to lunch

on most Saturdays after my owners come back from Karate I enjoy taking them to lunch. This means I get to go on a walk. Whenever I get exercise I'm happy. Here I am waiting at the gate for my owners to get ready. I look so patient don't I. I'm never patient I just want to go.

Finally we're ready to go. Here I am taking my owner on a walk to lunch. This is a very important job I have to make sure she gets what she needs. You can tell I really enjoy my job.

Were getting closer! my other owner decides to join me. Now I have to make sure two people get there on time. 

So I have to walk all the way over her for this. I mean come on they get to sit inside and I have to sit out here. That is not fair. Why can't they just eat kibble like me? I can't believe these people they take so much time. 

you see I do things for them. Now they must do something for me. " Could you please throw this for me" I tell them. But they don't listen to me they're too busy doing human things. 

Now I get what I want. Here I am at the park having my owner throw my flat ball for me

Some times my owner even take me on a bike ride. Here I am attached to the bike getting ready to go 

running to the smiling dogs van

Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to smiling dogs. I love going to smiling dogs it my all time favorite place. Here I am running to the bus

unfortunately I have to sit in a cage on the way there. So this is my sitting in my cage.

I hate when they do this. Here I am in the worst place ever the bath tub

That is my life pretty much I hope you enjoy. Thanks Pearl 

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