WWI Trench Survival Guide By: Derek Confair

Trench Shovel

Russian Shovel Used by the Russians to Dig Trenches

These shovels were used during WWI and WWII. This specific shovel was used by the Russians during WWI (Sharky). They dug trenches to hide from the opposing country they were at war with and to so they had a place to stay in.

Gas Mask

Gas Mask Http://Www.Wpclipart.Com World History Warfare Ww1 WWI Gas

The gas mask is an essential item used during WWI. The gas mask was made when surprise attacks from enemies of poison gas forced soldiers into the trenches (The History Learning Site). The small box respirator gas mask became the standard issue gas mask all countries used during the war (The History Learning Site).


World War 1 Service Rifles (1914-1918)

One of the most important items during the time of war. Other than the grenade, mortar, and machine gun, the rifle was your only other firearm (Duffy). Rifles were often given to officers than soldiers (Duffy).

Steel Helmet

WWI Steel Helmet to protect soldiers heads

The steel helmet is the only thing that will protect your head. The steel helmet was invented and fielded in response to increased lethality on the battlefield (Watanabe). WWI was the first battle that witnessed the wide-spread use of steel helmets and was a key item used during the time of war (Watanabe).


A Bayonet Used on the End of a Rifle or Used as a sword.

Other than a rifle, the bayonet was your only other rifle with you at all times. The bayonet was made in the 17th century in Bayonne, France (Duffy). While they were not fighting, soldiers used their bayonets for many other things including toasting bread, scraping off mud of uniforms, and opening cans (Duffy).

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