Loving Yourself to Mental Clarity A Seven Day Self-Love & Clarity Challenge

Because Self-Love is one of the Greatest Loves of All !

In a world where likes on social media mean more than our own approval, loving and accepting yourself is an act of rebellion.

When you become truly aligned and in tune with yourself, some amazing things begin to happen!

The opinion of others become less important, and your happiness becomes more of a priority. Your decisions begin to reflect the true desires of your heart.

Show Yourself Some Love!

Join the "Loving Yourself to Mental Clarity" Challenge. This is a 7 day challenge designed to replenish your relationship with yourself and restore your mental clarity. Mental Health Disorders and Illnesses can leave you with low self-esteem, and at times with a diminished sense self-worth. This 7 Day Challenge will allow you to quiet the external noise so that you can look within for all of the answers that you need for your life's questions.

Smile Again Just Because!

Your mental clarity is crucial to living a life that you love and can be proud of. You truly do have all of the things that you need deep down inside of you. Take the first step in living an awesome and intentional life by joining the "Loving Yourself to Mental Clarity" 7 Day Challenge.

Are you ready for mental clarity?

Are you ready to live a life that you can enjoy?

Are you ready to live purposefully and intentionally despite having a mental health disorder?

Click on the link below to get clarity and fall in love with YOU again!

About Us:

"Your Best Life is Possible Despite a Dagnosis" is the Motto of Beauiful Brain Collective. Approximately 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health crisis at some point in their life. Andrienne Kennedy, founder of Beautiful Brain Collective knows all too well the stigma and shame that surrounds mental illness. After being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder in 2013, Andrienne began her mission to raise awareness and shatter the stigma surrounding mental illness. The lack of educaton about mental illness and her empathy for people who live and thrive despite mental illness were the motiating factors to start her company. Beauiful Brain Collective is a New Jersey based company whose mission is to shatter the mental health stigma by promoting positive well-being for high functioning professionals with mental health disorders. She is certified in Recovery Education by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and she is also Certified in Mental Health First Aid.

For More Information on Beautiful Brain Collective, please click on link below.

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