Sodium KAtie Chaplin

Sodium's element name is Na. The atomic number for Sodium is 11, and the atomic mass is rounded to 23.
The atomic number tells protons and electrons. You subtract the atomic mass and the atomic number to find the number of neutrons. Sodium has 11 Protons, 12 Neutrons, and 11 Electrons
Sodium is in the metals category, and can be a solid or a liquid.
Sodium was discovered in 1807 by a man named Humphry Davy.
Sodium is mostly in salt.
Physical Changes of sodium: It has a melting point of 208 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a boiling point of 1,621 degrees Fahrenheit.Chemical Changes of Sodium: When burned forms to sodium peroxide. And can from hydrogen gas.
Unusual facts about sodium: It is the 6th most abundant metal in the earths crust. It is a vital for living organisms. Of the 20 known isotopes of sodium only one -Na23- is stable.


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