Miguel Valdez Portfolio

Unit 1: reflexive pronouns.
It was a great experience as I learned a little about English literature, as well i learn about sherlock homes.
In commonlit improve my reading in addition to a few words I did not understand also I could improve my understanding in English through reading. This was one of the jobs that cost me most because had complex questions.
This particular task was one of the ones I like, because I loved the little scenes and feel it was something new for me to see a small movie and perform essay of this.
I liked it a lot paradise because with this activity i integrate with my classmates from another semester that I did not know.
World music. I hate this task especially, because it was one of the longest tasks I've done in my entire life in English, please do not continue leaving this task.
Something that was very new to me was the use of mudjob I think it was something very interesting to have a different platform in which to work and share the works. It was one of my favorite English things.
BOOKLET.I believe that the best tasks that I performed were the weekly writings of the book, I really liked this new way of working since it made me think a lot about what to write.The little book was a new way of working and I hope to make one in the future.

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