Casino Land "You want to gamble, don't you? Well, tat's why we have casinos!"

My vision for this utopia is that there will be gambling for everybody. Also you can drink at any age. The reason for this, is of course, it's basically Las Vegas but for those who can't drink or gamble yet.
RULES There are only 2 rules in Casino Land, and they're pretty simple. The first one is, eat your favorite foods, and nothing else! The second one is, you have to have fun or else you will be kicked out of this sweet place called "Casino Land" Anyways, that's the only 2 rules, and they're pretty easy to follow.
There's only 2 rules, and those are: 1. you have to be 11+ years old. 2. You can only eat your favorite foods and only that.
Casino Land will be located near Las Vegas, because, like, CASINOS, and Las Vegas has lots of em'.
Casino Land will be located near Las Vegas, because, like, CASINOS, and Las Vegas has lots of em'.
A typical day in Casino Land will be lots of gambling, and staying up late.
The type of government in Casino Land will be pretty chill, and everybody will wear a sweet hat saying "Casino Land" on it! It's supposed to be like that because Casino Land is a figure of my imagination, and that Casino Land isn't actually a real place.
Basically, just come here and we'll give you 1$ each time you come here to gamble or something. It's a pretty sweet offer, right? So just come down to Casino Land and do stuff!


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