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Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro is a family owned, local restaurant in Louisville, KY. Dasha Barbour's specializes in southern comfort food. The restaurant is owned and ran by Louisville natives Aaron and Tumika Barbour. They take pride in their small and thriving business. From chicken and waffles to gourmet burgers to vegetarian options, Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro has something for everyone!


Sasha Barbours Southern Bistro has a large menu with something for everyone. Not only do they serve chicken, but they also serve seafood, burgers, and vegetarian options. Right now, Dasha's appeals to families and the older (50+) crowd. The restaurant would like to expand their business to college students and millennial men and women so that they can become a well known restaurant in Louisville.


The city of Louisville thrives off of entrepreneurship and is shaped by local businesses. Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro is a local and family-run business. The owners Aaron and Tumika Barbour built the restaurant from the ground up. Aaron built the tables, chairs, and beautiful decor in the dining room by hand and all of the food is home-made and made to order by Tumika. They both embody hard work and passion and their restaurant is a direct product of those qualities. Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro is the perfect place for families, couples, and friends! Support local today!


Although Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro has been open for a couple of years, many people still do not know of their presence. The objectives of this strategic brief is to create buzz for the restaurant and raise awareness in hopes of gaining more customers.


Right now influencer marketing is booming at the international, national, and local level. It would be a great asset for Dasha Barbour's to utilize local influencers such as Allison Myers, who runs the EatLoveLouisville Instagram account. Another strategy to create buzz for Dasha Barbours is to expand their target audience to the college student demographic.


To achieve the objectives above Dasha Barbour's will have to:

1. Invite Allison Meyers to have dinner at their restaurant and provide her with the best dining experience. Allison has over 30k followers on Instagram, if she is pleased with her experience she will post the restaurant to her page which will introduce Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro to thousands of people.

2. Offer a college students a discount or a college night. College kids are on a limited budget so they love discounts. By offering them a discount of maybe 10% or a buy one get one offer on a certain night, college students will be more willing to spend their money at Dasha Barbour's Southern Bistro.



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