shredXdurham A festival of bad ideas @American Underground

ShredX: Noun: A reverse pitch competition where you tell your worst ideas in the best possible way.

Do you love pitch competitions? Sure, we all do— but aren’t you tired of the same old, awesome ideas ruling the day? Some entrepreneurs in Durham decided to help change the way pitch competitions happen...well, at least the part where the good ideas always win.

Join us for a journey through shredXdurham.

People mingling: looks like a normal tech event so far...

What, what?! ...Must have missed something.

Let’s rewind...

A ton of folks show up at American Underground, the tech hub in Durham, NC & they hear the setup... There will be classy awards:

You just brainstorm your bad idea with folks (hey, that's almost networking!)... then get in line for 30 second fast pitches. Tons of people lined up!

The esteemed judges, (who may or may not have had free-flowing beer & gangsta tunes blaring) would screen the pitchers FAST!

Pitches looked like this:

This one was for a device to make Dad do what you want:

Some pitches just left the judges looking like this:

Here’s a peek & the 30 second pitch round:

( tap/click for larger photo view)

Now the elite presenters (meaning the worst ideas presented in the worst (or funniest) way— are matched with audience folks to polish the stinky idea for one last round.

Ideas are refined, pitches rehearsed, and groups bonded. Pizza & beer are consumed.

Final Pitch Time!

She'll eat your leftovers for you!
It’s a wig *and* TP!

More final pitches:

The Awards:

We’re not worthy!

The winning team crafted a maddengly buzzword-compliant presentation, which was clearly an amazingly scalable, efficient, user-oriented, robust, programmable, distributed, cloud-based solution.

See you next year?

Photos & Story by: HuthPhoto.com

Learn how American Underground is making Durham the startup hub of the south:

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Ken Huth


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