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When photography tells stories....

This is really a journal of photography. It's about the work focused on nature and the environment. It includes our own Human Nature and the remnants of hope we leave for others to find along the way. I truly adore the details of a well-lived humanity.

These are the details and vistas I see... and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you can take them home and let them become windows to help you tramp the roads and byways with me. Come along, we'll see amazing wonders.

The Puddle at Sunset Tree


The Great Egret and Feather collection is an award-winning series. Reproduction Prints can be obtained at Curioos here and original Silver Halide prints can be purchased at Four Corners Art Gallery. Please contact Four Corners directly as my work is only available on request. They are located near Palmetto Bluff and they will ship beautifully framed work anywhere in the world.

To learn more or see more of the work, visit this page

Winged Soul

Winged Soul is a fine art project of black and white photography. It is also project of poetry and mythology. Its goal is to bring these creative aspects into harmony with our own human knowledge and experiences.

As humans, we've derived some of our greatest strides from the natural world. Often, however, the natural world has meant discomfort for us in our safe houses and villages. We often forget that we are part of the nature outside our front doors. Winged Soul is a pathway to help us look again at nature. It's a way to bring nature into our homes as beauty and art. It also underscores the simple truth that we aren't so very different from the creatures with whom we share the planet.

Lastly, it’s a book of encouragement. It tells a story about taking wing and rising above it all, both literally and figuratively.

The small paperback book can be purchased on Amazon and the small hardback and oversized coffee-table edition can be purchased at my online store.

A medley of botanicals, landscapes,and reflective tableaus of paths that were crossed. I guess we could call this a visual diary of moments that were lit with mist, sunshine, and twilight. Reproduction prints and, in some cases, direct originals from my hands to yours. Artpal is my online retailer who offers framing along with prints.

About Nancy

I've been a photographer since I was 12 years old and I've always been drawn to the stories of nature, the ballet of nature, and the paintings in the sky. You'll find me tramping the roads, rivers, and forests in all weather. I've even been known to sneak into a private garden (or two) because I was sure a particular blossom was calling for remembrance. You might see me standing in amazement as a Merry-Go-Round whirls past or examining the steel of a train's wheel as it rolls heavily along its way. My friend, Carol, said I should mention the underlying but consistent theme in my work. It is that God is in the Details, which means the smallest part is just as important as the overall image. It's the details of being alive that gives life flavor.

Along with various juried shows, I've also been presented with 3 International Awards of Excellence in Photography.

  • ~ Creative Quarterly Magazine 2016.
  • ~ Communication Arts Magazine 2015.
  • ~ Communication Arts Magazine 2013.


Since 1959, Communication Arts has published the best in visual communications from around the world. CA's Award of Excellence is one of the most-coveted awards in the industry. If chosen, winning places you in the highest ranks of your profession. As a point of reference, National Geographic is often a contestant for this award.

  • ~ In 2015, there were 4,421 submissions to the competition.
  • 154 photographers were chosen.
  • Only 17 were women.
  • ~ In 2013, there were 5,111 submissions with 130 winners.
  • Only 10 were women.
  • ~ In those two years, out of 1000’s of photographers world wide, only 2 women won the award twice.

I'm one of those women.

Nancy McGregor

2017 Literature Photography Project

Upcoming in 2017 is Her Soul's Legacy. It's an evolving work that seeks to tell the story of women's inner heart, mind, and soul. A series of images that speak to who she is and not just what she looks like. (So much more than a selfie!!) The series will also feature a hidden item in each image, much like the hidden rabbit on the cover of Playboy magazine. But the item featured in Her Soul's Legacy, however, tells a very different story. Symbolically speaking, the item is very different.

In each of our lives, there is a moment when we become self sufficient for the very first time. It is our first step towards independence. It's the first time we get some vague inkling that we will become the captain of our own futures. This amazing first tool we learn to operate is usually taught to us by our mothers. So it is in honor of our first small triumph that this item will be tucked in with the other symbols of a woman's life. This symbol stands for the freedom, learning, and faith women have instilled in us all...on the day she teaches us to feed ourselves with a spoon.

Images from Her Soul's Legacy. A Literature Photography Project.

Commercial Work

When I'm not out roaming the paths or handing women a spoon, I do commercial photography and I write for various publications. The links below will lead you to samples of that work.

For more information, please email:

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