Race Day 2019 Final Races Saturday, April 13, 2019

Race Day 2019 saw the 99th year of the Carnegie Mellon University tradition, buggy. Also known as Sweepstakes, the concept is simple. A relay race with a team of five pushers and one driver in the buggy, which acts as a baton. Two pushers push the buggy up hills 1 and 2 before they let it free roll down around sharp curves through the neighboring Schenley Park. At the bottom of the hill, a team of three more pushers push the buggy to the finish line. The top ten teams with the fastest time during Friday's preliminary races compete in the final races on Saturday.

Join along as we revisit Race Day 2019. All these photos are from the Saturday final races.

During the final races, the day started out with another run of the robotic buggy, Atlas, followed by six exhibition heats.

Exhibition heat four, Fringe Anniversary Race.

The final exhibition heat was the annual MCS and CIT faculty race with MCS taking the victory by seven seconds.

MCS faculty celebrate winning their exhibition heat.

With the exhibition heats out of the way, the first of the women's rolls was SDC C's re-roll from Friday after there was interference by Spirit (who was disqualified for it).

SDC at the top of hill 2, ready to enter free roll.

The first women's heat of the final races was between SDC B and SigEP B. SDC would take fifth place while SigEp would take ninth.

SDC's 2013 buggy, Vice, in free roll.

Women's heat two saw Fringe A and Apex A going head-to-head. Apex A would roll in lane three, the only team to roll in lane three all day.

Apex's 2019 buggy, Solaris, just prior to the chute flags.

CIA A and SigEp A would compete in heat three. CIA would take third place in the 2019 sweepstakes.

CIA's Emperor enters the chute.

The penultimate heat of the women's races saw the second and eighth place teams from preliminaries the day before, PiKA A and Fringe B respectively. Both teams held onto their positions for the finals.

Fringe on the hill 3/4 hand off.

The final women's heat saw SDC A and CIA B rolling. SDC A would take the gold with a time of 2:27.30, almost four seconds faster than PiKA A in second place and a full second faster than their preliminary time.

SDC crosses the finish line and seals their victory.

Between the women's and men's races, Robobuggy took to the hills again for another roll. Following that, Scotty (the CMU mascot) and a Pierogi raced hill 5 to the finish line.

Scotty crosses the finish line.

Following a short break, the men's races were set to start for the day. The first roll of the men's races saw CIA B re-rolling after they were forced to stop due to a collision the day before. They would take eighth place overall.

CIA getting ready to roll.

The first heat of the morning for the men included Fringe A and CIA C. Fringe A would take seventh overall while CIA C would take tenth.

CIA's 2019 buggy, Aurora, with a collapsible push bar enters free roll.

Heat two of the men's finals races saw SDC B and Spirit B taking to the course. They would finish tenth and sixth, respectively.

Seraph, Spirit's 2004 buggy, races past the Westinghouse Memorial Pond.

CIA A and Apex B took to the course for heat three. With a time of 2:10.62, CIA would take the third place of the men's heat.

CIA participating in drop testing to seal their third place finish.

Breaking tradition, SDC A, the number one seed from the preliminaries, would race in the penultimate race and not the final race. They would race alongside PiKA B. SDC A would score a time of 2:06.61.

Starting the race on hill 1.

The final roll of the day was PiKA A and SigEp A. PiKA A raced a time of 2:06.79, taking second place by a mere .18 seconds. SDC A took the gold.

PiKA and SDC supporters watch the final heat from the top of hill 1 to see who would take first place.

Race Day 2019 came to an exciting end with the final race. Buggy was originally scheduled to conduct Buggy 100 races during the 2020 Spring Carnival, but the races were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Buggy will return in the future.

Teams celebrating after the end of another successful day of buggy.

HDIC Productions would like to thank the CMU Buggy Alumni Association for keeping records of the races and for distributing the spotter's guide. Both pieces of information were used in the making of this story.

All photos are copyright 2019 Allen Howard/HDIC Productions. Please contact allen@hdicproductions.com with any comments or questions.

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