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CFC - Stepping Stones

Pre-K students at CFC have been studying the Human Body. This week they explored some of the augmented reality apps (Mr. Body using a Merge Cube as well as Chromville Science) that help to give students a perspective that they'd otherwise be unable to see. All of the activities within the STEAM lab are hands-on and engaging, while centered around a common theme. Students also took a photo at the green screen showing how strong they are!

Augmented Reality and Green Screen in the STEAM Lab


Kindergarten students at Jackson were busy writing book reviews this quarter. They went through the entire editing process using red light/green light and dot-n-say as they improved their writing. Students brought the book review of their favorite book into publishing by making green screen videos reading their work.

In the filming process, students worked in groups of 3 with a DLC and participated in 3 roles during the video-making process: camera person, reporter, and script holder. It was a positive experience for the students and also built on their uses of teamwork to complete a project.

Book Reviews

Sun Path - K-2

Using Augmented Reality (AR) to bring learning to life.

The use of Augmented Reality, or AR for short, is bursting onto the educational scene at a rapid pace. Once thought of as more a "Gaming" concept, AR is starting to gain popularity in the educational setting as well. At Sun Path Elementary, we are starting to put Augmented Reality to the educational test. We are beginning to use AR at the primarily level to teach wide range of topics from the Human Body to the Solar System to how Animals adapt in our environment. The use of AR gives students a first hand, 3 dimensional (3D), interactive view of how things work. For example in first grade students are learning about the human body. With AR, students can view in great detail where organs are on the body and more specifically how they work. Of course these 3D objects don't just appear in thin air. The use of a platform or object needs to be utilized before we can see this Augmented Reality take form. Thus, the Merge Cube was developed. Merge Cubes have been around for a few years now, but as AR is becoming more popular, more software Apps and platforms to see AR are being developed to accommodate this new way of learning.

Augmented Reality

Sweeney - Grade 3

Students in 3rd grade at Sweeney Elementary app smashed multiple apps to create their final map projects.

Young Scholars - Grade 3

3rd grade Young Scholars students from Shakopee Elementary schools took part in an annual Robotics Day. Students learned how to master several different challenges using Meeper Bots, Spheros, and Ozobots. The High School Robotics team showed students their robots and the students had the chance to operate and maneuver the robots.

Jackson and Red Oak - Grade 3

On Sale Now! 3rd Graders at Jackson and Red Oak created their own products to sell. After writing their own scripts to promote their products, students recorded their commercials standing in front of a green screen. Next students, using Do Ink, students worked together to edit their videos by adding backgrounds and popups!

Young Scholars - 4th and 5th Grade

Young Scholar students in 4th & 5th grade worked through a creative process called SCAMPER to invent a brand new candy. The students then spent time in the Tinkercad design program to create their designs. This is the first time the students have used the Tinkercad software and the 3D printer. They loved the project and can’t wait to do it again.

3D Printing Projects

Fourth and Fifth grade Young Scholar students from all of the Shakopee elementary schools had the chance to participate in a field trip to the Shakopee High School. The purpose of this field trip was to raise academic expectations of the students by giving them exposure to the Academies of Shakopee High School. Tours were given by high school ambassador students. Student were able to make connections with what they are learning about in Young Scholars to their future career and college aspirations.

Sweeney - 5th Grade

5th grade students at Sweeney Elementary used Flipgrid to share their book review, then respond and reflect on their classmates posts.

West - 6th Grade Reading

Students in 6th Grade Reading classes created bookfomercials (think infomercials, but to advertise a book). Using their persuasive skills they developed in Language Arts, students created entertaining and informative videos to get other students interested in the book they read. Once students were done, they uploaded their videos to Flipgrid so their classmates could watch them and give feedback.

East - Sculpt It (Art)

Students in the Sculpt-It class at East Middle School used their creativity skills to make 3D figures out of wire. Next, they had to develop a story using those same figures. Finally, students took single pictures of their figures, and accessed Stop Motion technology. This speeds up the photography and makes the figures appear to be animated.

Sculpt-It and Stop Motion

East - Spanish

At East Middle School, students practiced speaking Spanish by simulating real life situations. Each small group of students had to act out a scene in a restaurant. They instructed the wait staff on how to properly set the table, order food, and pay the check. No english could be used in these scenarios!

Simulated Restaurant Activity

We can't wait to see what's next, Shakopee Schools! Show us your creativity!

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