Myrtle Beach

There are amusement parks with a lot of rides there are many things to do with your family when you are there
You can go to the beach and swim or play in the sand or you can walk on the peer and sometimes fish.
You can check in to a hotel and stay there for your whole vacation, the rooms are very neat and some have an amazing view of the beach.

There is many more you can do like shopping,food places,many more activities you can do and you can go to concerts you can go to water parks and amusement parks and you can even go to live performances or play golf,walk on the beach at night,or try to find shark teeth and shells. and when you swim far out in the ocean beware of sharks and jellyfish. and there is also Broadway at the beach.

You can just have fun with your family and relax.
This is the Family Kingdom Amusement park and is very fun there there are a bunch of rides and in this photo you can see the Ferris Wheel and various rides in the background.
Another place you can visit is wonderworks.I have been there before and it was fun. there are many activities to do like more than 100 things to do and there is one ride there is and elevator and like 3 or 4 large floors and they are large.
At the end of the day you will be most likely tired and back to the hotel you'll go back to the hotel maybe early maybe you'll go back at 1:00 am it all depends on you or your family if they came. And if it is still light and you see the sunset it will be absolutely beautiful to watch.


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