BSD Battleship Project Sehlea Moise

The purpose of the BSD Battleship project was to "design, build and test a tennis ball air cannon to compete in a game of ‘BATTLESHIP’ on the football field". This project required a lot of patience. We faced many challenges but overcame them by working together and making sure we were careful and diligent.

Constructing Brackets

Our bracket prototype

The first step was to design brackets to support our cannon. It is important to have supports for a canon to make sure there is the least amount of resistance so the canon won't break.


Printing out the brackets with the correct constraints to fit the PVC pipes was a big challenge. We had to print out our supports numerous times because they were either too big or too small. They were was a lack of precise measuring to make sure there was enough space left to slide the supports onto the canon.

Building the Cannon

building the canon

Building the cannon required precision and making sure we cut and put together the pieces carefully. Too much primer or epoxy can have a negative effect of the structure of your canon.


We didn't face many challenges when building the canon, but we did use a little bit too much epoxy and primer at one point so it leaked out of the side of the PVC.

Building the Base

Building the cannon base was so that we could rotate and elevate the cannon to our liking.


spreadsheet of measurements for elevation

with Mr. Twilley's help, we were able to get accurate heights for our elevation system using Google spreadsheet. I learned a lot of things about what you can do on Google spreadsheets that i didn't know.

Below are some sketches of our attempt at using trigonometry to get accurate height measurements.

final elevation design
one of our first designs that we eventually changed

To elevate the canon we decided to use a digital approach, with a dowel to control the elevation of our cannon at specific levels.


We faced a lot of issues designing the elevation system of our canon. When one person started designing the system, other teammates began to dislike the design or wanted to change it. We changed something about our design every class, which became very tedious but our group understood that this was necessary to come out with our best possible product.


base where rotations would happen



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