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Kevin Anderson

Story Teller, Photographer, Cinematographer

As human beings, we search... and long for:




+ Hope

Doing the hard work...
The heavy lifting in life...
And holding it, till it hurts...
I love to tell stories. I see heroes everywhere.
I see... the window... to the soul.
I see... feel... and connect to the world around me.
I see... the soul in the story.
I know... We're not alone.
I know... Souls are REVEaLED... not captured.
We are all a hero to someone...
Heroes bring us into the world, they teach, hold, heal and guide us. The impact on the lives they touch could not be more profound. Heroes come in all flavors and sizes. They are on a journey, full of twists and turns, challenges, fears and joys. "Stories from the path". This is the gold I mine.

Sometimes, the biggest challenge is editing it all down to the most elegant and heartfelt story. There are always lots of pictures and footage to go through. It's hard to decide. Welcome to the journey that I take in creating these images and stories.

HealthCare stories have heroes everywhere... Who are yours?
Over 30 years of living my dream!

Equine Life: Poetry in Motion

"Keep your horse happy and the shoes tight" - James Russell, farrier extraordinaire, traveler and adventurer.

Bending Steel - a coffee table book (samples available)

Where and why... The where is part of the story - the places that are important. The why is the core of the narrative. It's what drives the story. When we go to the mountain top to seek clarity of vision and our mission in the world, we return inspired with new found passion and purpose. I listen to that and distill it into script and imagery. Then I compose the storyline and polish it with nuanced elements of style and an exacting technical approach. I add some music and you get to feel the magic. So enjoy the ride and share it with others. I love making imagery that engages and inspires. My vision is to explore, create and share stories that matter.
Just having Fun...
Kicking back or out exploring the world... stories happen.
Some heros go along for the ride...
Others take the wheel so we can raise our arms and let them sail in the breeze. That is joy, that is freedom. They give us that. Freedom to be our best. In those moments, they are the guard rails that protect us from falling over the edge.
some Heros guide us... Helping us Set up our shots...
Every life is touched by another. In that moment of contact, we are truly engaged and alive. Let us tell that story for you!
What adventure will you share?
Many shoots are ones where I am there to curate or direct the experience for a particular result. Other situations are where I am the observer, the sniper getting the shot. That moment lives between the moments we expect. It is in the micro gesture between surprise and awe. The real smile of joy just before the tear, not the forced smile of a pose.
JOURNEYS begin by just taking the first step.
The human touch or presence in a story makes it real. I want the viewer to feel, not just look at eye candy. I want the viewer to care... Images that work, ones that emote or evoke feelings, do so because they connect to the fabric of the moment or connect to memories and then imbed themselves into the strands of our emotions.
Sometimes I wait for the moment...
Sometimes I seek out the colors...
Do I work with the nuances of color or have fun and push it to its limits? Hmmm... decisions, decisions.
Everything is made with a purpose. My job is to show the care that it took to make it, and to show how it can best be used to serve the needs of the customer. High tech, low tech or hand hewn, everything has an amazing story behind it.
Man Made, That's a story.
My best projects are always collaborations. A good team is invaluable, whether you're creating images, products, or whole systems.
When I start a project I ask myself, how do I feel about the subject? What kind of light makes the shot work? Where is it coming from?
For me, it's about the passion for the images and the experiences of making them. I have created hundreds of thousands of images over the years, thousands of stories.
I create moods that create experiences... Lights and cameras are my tools.
I think in story mode.
Animate the experience, activate the mind...
Set a stage, recreate, pay homage...
I am always thinking, how can I make this unexpected?
I create stories and whole themes. That is the realm of the storyteller...
just outside the OK coral.
Images are not just representations of events - they are theater of the mind. How I direct talent, how I light, the moment I choose to push the shutter button or roll the camera is intentional. Not always planned, but always operating with the "feeling." I know when I got it, and I know when I need to do it again.
Everyday Faces... Epic Images.
No face, no life is the same as another. We all reflect the sum total of our experiences. I explore that aspect in images...
Everyday men and women just making a difference.
The intimate moments...
The smile you will never forget...
Are you ready to share your story and engage the world more fully, with a new quiver full of arrows to share in a targeted way with your community and business partners. The media can be used as social posts, imbedded in websites and in stand alone micro sites. The imagery is available as single images for the web and for print ads and point of sale collateral or brochures. Your choice. We give you these tools as part of the process. What you do with them is up to your imagination. Think of us as your ninja warrior story tellers.
A place is the stage where we experience an event in life...
where stories happen...
engaging all the senses with the visuals...
In anticipation, we arrive at our desitnation...
We linger in the moment...
The artist guides and caresses their chosen medium...
And then, in the pause before it is served, we enjoy the fleeting vision.
In the rush, we move to the next project.

Many choices are made on a shoot. Do I use strobe, continuous or available light? Do I accentuate motion or do I arrest time and space? It's all a dance and time is fleeting.

Beer chicken...?
Seeing color, texture and form.
Surprising the viewer is always fun.
B&W has always held a special place for me.
Man made and the passion of building it.
Sometimes I chuckle when I see images I make. It's just fun!
About 10 years ago I started shooting motion. With multimedia, I can use time lapse, slo motion, image sequences, still photos or high resolution motion clips to create my vision.
KlintoN Kraft - Musican, Renaissance man
I am having a blast doing it!

As I create web media for individuals, organizations and larger companies, I am using a variety of tools and platforms. The piece you are looking at is an example of this. It is neither a website or a blog. It is more immersive than a PDF or straight video.

More than a sum of their parts...
Businesses have stories - they have people, ideas that evolve and goals and ambitions. Showing that story in a compelling and inviting way is my job. Its a journey for a business or organization to bring services or products to market. To vision it, design and create it and then deploy the resources and people to make it come alive. Lots of story here. Your stakeholders want to get to know you. What are you telling them? Do they know enough to make the decisions they need to make? Can you instill in them the the amount of passion and creativity that your business solutions offer? Will you be a problem solver hero for them? Will you be a valuable partner to them? What story do you want to tell?

Priority One multimedia pieces (click on the links below to view):

Live events = Lots of stories

Aloft hotel of Greenville, SC hosted the Talk Magazine's "10 Most Stylish" and asked us to tell the story.

With this project, I was more sniper than director. Getting the moments, waiting, waiting, then... Gotcha... I leave them with a smile.
How about a day off on the greens?
Yeah, we ask a lot of questions... But that's how we get to know you.
Porsche of Greenville Presents...
1.4 million dollars worth of eye candy...
Then there are days you just want to dance...
And, by the way, we work all around the country + globally...
And sometimes we just have fun!

Epilogue - I love making imagery... Let's talk!

Vulcanalia 2018
The above images were shot just the fun of it!

Click on any of the links below for more stories.


Bosch: Motion, stills, aerials and graphics used to tell the story of an employee appreciation day. Done for Wayne Culpepper and Wayne Wandering Productions.

Based in Greenville, SC, and serving the US and abroad.

Email me: Kevin@StrategicMedia.co

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