Saint or Sinner: A Look At Martin Luther Hannah Thomas


Studying and Teaching in Wittenberg

This photo depicts the memorial to Martin Luther at Wittenberg University in Germany. Luther received a doctorate in theology here then later became a professor at this same institution. During this time Martin Luther was also supervising 11 monasteries.

This shows Luther's dedication to religion. He spent most of his time either teaching theology at Wittenberg or at a monastery. This supports that Martin Luther was a saint because he was dedicated and helped spread his religion amongst others in Germany.

Interpretation of the Bible

This is a quote the Luther interpreted for himself from the Bible.

Prior to his interpretation, Luther feared the vengefulness of God. Then, Martin Luther read this quote and interpreted that God was merciful and only asked people to live by their faith. This shows Luther was a saint because he looked for the better side of God and saw the best in his religion.

Vernaculr Bible

This photo shows Martin Luther's Vernacular translation of the Bible from Latin to German. His translation was completed in 1534.

This translation allowed the common people read and understand the Bible. People could now interpret the Bible for themselves. This shows how Martin Luther is a saint because he brought his religion to more people and allowed the common people to understand the Bible.


95 Theses

This photo shows Martin Luther supposedly nailing his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church at Wittenberg. The 95 Theses was intended by Luther to create a debate about the indulgences being sold by the Pope.

Luther's 95 Theses spoke out against the Pope and his power. While he might have been correct in what he was saying and his intentions were innocent, he still went directly against the Pope and his power. This caused people to lose faith in their pope and shows how Martin Luther is a sinner.

Burning Papal Bull

This photo shows Martin Luther burning a papal bull given to him by Pope Leo X. The bull excommunicated Luther from the church and condemned him as a heretic. Martin Luther publicly burned it when he received it.

This qualifies Martin Luther as a sinner because he publicly burned and refused to recognize the rulings of the Pope. Since the Pope was the head of the church at the time, any actions against him were considered to be against God so in the eyes of the church Luther was a sinner.

Hiding at Wartburg

This photo shows the room Martin Luther hid in after being sentenced to death by Leo X.

After being sentenced to death for his sins, Luther was kidnapped and hidden away in Wartburg. This goes against Luther's teachings of being glad to suffer for your sins. Not only is Martin Luther a sinner for running from his punishments, but he's also going against his own policies.

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