Story Negative Numbers

Around 200 BCE the Chinese number system represented the negative numbers in different colors than the positive numbers.

China, around 200 BCE

In India negative numbers didn't appeared until 620 CE in a work by Brahmapugta who used ideas of "fortunes" and "debts"

negative numbers appeared in Europe until the 15th century when scholars began tu translate the ancient texts from islamic and byzantine resources

Greeks dismissed the value of negative numbers because they considered them absurd and impossible, this opinion was expanded around Europe and there was small progress towards the negative numbers

However until the 19th century the term of negative numbers was sorted out by british mathematicians such as De Morgan and Peacock.

Nowadays we use negative numbers as a natural thought and we don't consider to use them twice because we were taught to consider them as real numbers such as 1 or 2, but as you could see this wasn't like this all the time


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